Gray. It can be as soft as a love note and as rough as a thundercloud.
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    colorful gradient 5000

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    on his shell he holds the earth

    And so the first Avatar was granted the gift of fire.

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    The Adventures of George Washington by LadyHistory [more]

    Oh my god I’m legitimately laughing out loud with these.

    The last one.

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    octopus. Moss Beach CA, June 2013 / FH20 /

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    Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” and Hokusai’s “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” in one painting

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    Any philosophy built on the assumption that humans are rational creatures is built on quicksand. — Michael Lipsey

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    Piero Manzoni, ‘Solce du Monde (Base of the World)’, 1961

    The “Socle du Monde” - an iron plinth installed in a park in Denmark - is upside down, holding on its bearing surface the entire world. The world itself stands on the plinth and everything - animal, vegetal or mineral - is changed into a work of art.

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